Teaching Methodology

Participants will learn in theory first how different tissue biotype react different to surgical trauma. For this reason we have adjusted the surgical approach to the biotype (tissue thickness) specific to each patient and location in the oral cavity.

  • The Hands on exercise will let the participants practice these specific techniques with specially designed instruments by Dr. Steigmann (micro-instruments & soft tissue splitters).
  • Learn Suturing methods with micro-sutures of different composition. Each participants will learn suturing adequate techniques with multifilament, monofilament and PFTE suturing materials.
  • Specially designed models and pig jaws also extra edited videos for every procedure.

The tissue thickness dictates the way it is manipulated for high volume augmentation.

The course will describe step by step the gain of soft tissue for tension free closure even in cases of reduced soft tissue thickness. By examples of failure teach how to avoid mistakes.

Live surgery can be observed while parallel on different screen the procedure is described by adjunct faculty. Ergonomic equipment and generous lecture and practice rooms enhance the mediation of theoretical and practical educational contents and facilitate the learning of ultra-modern surgical techniques.

Participants discuss their own cases & complications.

Clinicians will learn how to build treatment plans based on individual circumstances. The participants will get to plan prosthetically and aesthetically the position of the implant on special designed models.